Business Fuel #51: Triple Crown Leadership

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In this edition of the Entrepreneur Addiction Podcast , we talked about:

  • Bob Vanourek – Author of the book ‘Triple Crown Leadership’
  • Ethical performance translates into excellent performance
  • Great leadership is a group performance
  • Fostering leadership within the same company
  • The five practices
  • Ego is not your amigo
  • The Zappos method of hiring
  • Contributing to a bigger cause than yourself
  • The ah-ha moments and culture of character
  • Ethics, business, and excellence
  • Don’t get on the unsustainable treadmill
  • The power of people and ideas
  • Implementing triple crown leadership into your business
  • The problem with an unbalanced life and getting a life

Press the ‘PLAY’ button to listen to Business Fuel #51: Triple Crown Leadership

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2 Responses to Business Fuel #51: Triple Crown Leadership

  1. Bob Vanourek says:

    Great dialogue with you, Patrick. Thank you. If you or your listeners have any questions about triple crown leadership, please contact me:

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